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Why should I choose Wally Zook and Associates?

Aircraft FinancingNot all banks have the same lending policies. For instance some will finance helicopters and some won't. Some will do Warbirds, and some won't. Some have upward limits of 1 million, and some are up to 10 million. Here at WZAAF, we know exactly what banks will provide the financing you are seeking. Therefore, we save you hours of frustrating research work. Additionally, we have all the contacts at the bank that can give us approvals within a day, on most requests. So, given your specific request and situation, we consult with one of our banks for their best terms and rates. We notify you for your approval and work directly with that financial institution.

Can you describe the service you provide?

Given your application we:
1. Find the right bank to approve your loan
2. Assist you with the purchase contract, whether it be an individual or an aircraft dealer
3. Once approved by one of our banking associates, we work with the bank to

• Order the title search

• Arrange for any lien releases

• Assist you with providing an insurance binder

• Coordinate documents being sent to you

• Arrange the closing

• Follow up with the bank for filing the bill of sale and registration

Are there any fees involved?

Some of our banking associates do charge a fee and some do not. Therefore it depends on where your loan is approved. We will always go over any fees on your approval so there will be no surprises. If the bank we use has a fee, it is typically in the $300.00 range. Many of our banking associates do not charge any fee at all, however, they do pass on the cost of the title search and registration.

How long does all this take?

If we have your complete application by 10:00 AM CST, we can typically provide an approval within one business day and in some instances can even mail documents then, as well. Closing can occur within 3 business days.

Can you arrange for a pre approval if I do not have a specific aircraft picked out?

Yes. In fact, it's best to obtain a pre-approval since good aircraft don't stay on the market very long. With a pre-approval, you can act quickly to get the aircraft of your choice.

Why do banks choose to work with Wally Zook and Associates?

In addition to having more than 60 years banking and aircraft lending experience, WZAAF has established itself as a trusted name in aircraft finance. Many banks call on us to assist with their own aircraft lending needs. We have a sterling reputation in the industry and invite you to ask others about our services.